This website was specifically designed for two types of customers:  





Type 1: Party/Equipment Retailers or Rental Companies who have used equipment that sits in their warehouse or store taking up valuable space and costing them money.










Type 2: Customers who are in the market for some event or party equipment but don’t necessarily want to purchase brand new equipment, therefore getting a great deal on some good-condition equipment and saving money.

We are here to put these two types of customers together and provide everyone with a great deal!





How our site works:

We have been in the party and event equipment business for over 40 years. With this comes much experience and the knowledge necessary to help sellers find buyers.





 What we will do for you: 

Let us help to protect you. We will find your buyer and act as a clearinghouse giving both buyer and seller a level of security that both parties will be happy with. The seller gets paid fuller and in a timely manner and the buyer gets the value he expected.

How do we find buyers? 

Our market analysis will help us decided where to find your potential buyer. Our 40 years worth of contacts in the industry will receive the following from us to help sell your product: 




         * Personal Phone Calls
         * Faxes of product information
         * Emails of product information
         * Updated posts on our websites:








What do we need from the seller? 

We will obtain a clear accurate description of the equipment and its condition from the seller, including pictures.

Our system for determining condition, as specified by the seller is as follows:

— “A” Grade: Looks almost new. Equipment in first year of use.

— “B” Grade: Equipment in good shape. Rentable without customer complaint.

— “C” Grade: Equipment that shows some wear and tear. Most rental customers would be unhappy with it.

— “D” Grade: Structurally usable but ugly. Throw it away!

We will also obtain a reasonable price from the seller. (Our experience allows us to encourage pricing that will be reasonable to both buyer and seller.) We don’t need “dead” inventory on our list either!

What does a buyer need to do?




Please contact us as soon as possible in order to “stake your claim” on the item you see on our website. We will begin negotiations between the buyer and seller in a professional and timely manner.




 Our contact information is at the bottom of each page of items. There is also a “Contact” tab on the website that you may fill out your information to be contacted in the future with new additions to our website.




Further Information: 


For questions, concerns, or to post items for sale, please contact us at: 



Fax 480-219-4972














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